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Agreement On Internal Trade (Ait)

Alberta has entered Canadian and foreign markets through trade agreements with other governments. These agreements create a framework for fair and equitable trade rules. Such rules ensure open and non-discriminatory treatment that protects Albertans, businesses and their investors in markets outside Alberta. The TIA is managed by the Internal Trade Committee (ITT), made up of federal, provincial and territorial internal trade ministers. The CFTA came into force on July 1, 2017. The CFTA is an agreement between the federal, provincial and territorial governments that aims to remove barriers to trade in the free movement of people, goods, services and investments within Canada. Based on its predecessor, the Internal Trade Agreement, GASTA creates a comprehensive and modern framework for domestic trade in Canada. The CFTA offers a clear set of rules that will make it easier for Alberta businesses to access coast-to-coast opportunities. British Columbia is a party to the Internal Trade Agreement (ITA), a trade agreement between all provinces, two territories and the federal government, which came into force in 1995. The federal government is responsible for negotiating Canada`s international trade agreements.

The Alberta government defends provincial interests when the federal government negotiates these international agreements, particularly in areas of provincial jurisdiction or where there are significant economic benefits to the province. Examples of Canada`s international trade agreements for Alberta are presented below. As part of the Internal Trade Agreement, we will assess the qualifications of workers who only want to work in Manitoba`s mandatory sector. Individuals who work in these occupations and have a Red Seal leg on a valid provincial certificate of qualification or who have another equivalent registration form can apply with the Certificate of Recognition application form to recognize registration information in order to work in Manitoba. With these agreements, Alberta wants to improve access to markets for goods, services, suppliers, labour, investors and investments in Alberta, the West and across the country. For feedback and general questions about the role of the Government of Alberta in these national and international trade agreements, please contact the Trade Policy Office. The TIA focuses on removing trade barriers in 11 specific sectors: the Internal Trade Agreement is an intergovernmental agreement between the federal government and the provinces and territories to remove and remove barriers to the free movement of people, goods, services and investment in Canada. As part of the agreement, these governments agreed to apply the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, openness and accessibility with respect to their purchasing opportunities and those of their municipalities and local organizations, school principals and government-funded academic, health and social institutions.

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