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By Irving Chernev

I play chess online, and usually submit an effective struggle yet lose in spite of everything. i've been looking for books that will aid me increase my video game. i'm seldom in a position to research a lot from replaying well-known video games -- the method is just too refined for me, the entire sacrificing of items to achieve a small facet opposed to one other greater participant. yet this e-book regarded too stable to cross up. sixty two video games, chosen for his or her tutorial price. And the cost used to be correct, so i purchased it. To my unhappiness, it used to be relatively no various from the opposite books of grand-master chess video games I had. For my funds, a higher ebook is Ray Cheng's sensible Chess workouts: six hundred classes From strategies to technique. it really is chess difficulties, yet they are well-designed, and fairly complicated and never tough. I research whatever from each challenge. that is extra like it.

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Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions

Four-time US Champion Yasser Seirawan offers a desirable and hugely pleasing account of his video games and encounters with the realm champions of chess together with: Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Tigran Petrosian, Mikhail Tal, Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Botvinnik and Max Euwe.

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CONTINUES: 8 . . 9 NxN 10 K N x P NxKP! PxP QxN T h a t theme crops up once a g a i n ! and White's centre and Q u e e n ' s side is considerably weakened by the lonely Q B P stranded on the fourth rank. Better play for W h i t e was featured in the g a m e Gligoric-Fischer, M o n a c o , 1967, which went: 8 P-Q_ r j N - K i , 9 P - K R 4 P - K B 4 , 10 P R 5 P - B 5 , 11 B - Q 2 P - K N 4 , 12 P - R 6 B - B 3 , 13 N- R 2 + . 26 NOPQB4K I N G ' S I N D I A N D E F E N C E A reasonable try for Black at the seventh move is an immediate liquidation of the centre, as follows: 7 .

I P - Q R 3 , 14 B x P P - Q N 4 , 15 B - N 3 B - N 2 , 16 Q . - K B 2 Q N - Q . -B2 = . 27 KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE Position after 16 N - K B 4 ? J. 5 N Ki N Q3 WERE: PETROSIAN SYSTEM Those players who venture into extremely well analysed variations such as this one (which the Russians are fond of calling the Aronin-Taimanov System) must be familiar with every little nuance and fine point if they hope to keep a whole skin. In the diagrammed position, Black has wandered unawares into a line played in the game Petrosian-Tal, Bled, 1961.

6 . . P-K4? loses material after 7 PxP PxP, 8 Q x Q R x Q , 9 N - Q 5 ! , etc. 7 P x P is answered by. . Q - R 4 ! p-K3 9 N N5!? 10 PxP PLAY NOW 32 P Shamkovich-Gligoric, Sarajevo, 1963, continued 8 K N - K a P-KR3, 9 B - B 4 PxP, 10 K P x P N- R4, with a good game for Black. ), and join TolushBoleslavsky, 20th U S S R Championship. Tolush played the questionable 1 o P - Q R 4 ! , as shown in the lower diagram. CONTINUES: N-B3! and 1 2 . . Q R - Q i is going to make life very difficult for White.

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