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By N. S. Margaris, M. Arianoustou-Faraggitaki, W. C. Oechel (auth.), N. S. Margaris, M. Arianoustou-Faraggitaki, W. C. Oechel (eds.)

The current quantity contains papers awarded within the foreign Symposium on diversifications to Terrestrial atmosphere, held in Halkidiki, Greece from September twenty sixth to October 2d, 1982, in addition to a few invited ones from renowned scientists operating within the similar box. It appeared relatively positive to deal simply within the related quantity with this type of number of organisms (micro­ organisms to better crops) at the foundation of the1r adaptive innovations for survival on land. it can look because the whole ecology needs to be integrated. It used to be a problem for us. We undertook this problem hoping that the output wouldn't be unsuccessful. The Editors allowed the authors of the permitted papers nice leeway when it comes to thoroughness in their contributions. the standard of the papers incorporated is excessive whereas a few of them needed to be rewritten as a way to contain precious reviews constructed in the course of the Symposium discussions. we've attempted to incorporate many papers from japanese Europe because ordinarily, as a result of language challenge, they don't get widely recognized. The Editors desire to show their thankfulness to UNESCO for sponsoring the Symposium within the body of guy and Biosphere software; to all scientists who've contributed papers during this quantity; and to Mrs. A. Karamanli-Vlahopoulou for her sufferer and skillful typing of a part of the manuscript.

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Its ecological effects are quite different from having the evolved polyploide relatives in atoxic usual salt spray and more similar to artificial areas. Its immediate and direct air effect on adaptations of early edaphic specializing: the plants is the most important, while that on tile Balkanic metalophytes in peridotite may be the epi- 39 biotic from volcanic islands of Tethys Ocean, and the borraphytes from fumarea area as the relict palaeo-halophytes of Tethyan coasts. Sometimes, therefore, in atoxic cultivation, they sholli a vegetative luxuriance, llihile the sterility they appear is aliminated by pollutant addition.

L. , 4. , etc. The most extreme In lithophytic cryptogams,both the storms and the carbonate karst substrata are decisive. The cryptogams are most abundant and diversified in the hurricane stricken habitats of Bora are indicated by peculiar ecoforms of endolithic °Fensterflechten". purest crystallized limestones, which are easily dissolved by boring species. With increasing exposure, the active sheltering of cyanobacteria 5. EFFECTS ON PHANEROGAMS In lignescent spermatophyta there occur as well some reputed phenetic modifications and reversible in the substratum becomes evident, presenting three degrees: cultivated specimen.

Ph. lanata val'. biflora Hal. Rechinger (1943b) S. biroi Jav. C. capitatus val'. ) Rech. f. A. incana var. G. samothracicum Rech. f. G. incurvum Sm, B. longifolia Boiss. & HeldI'. Rechinger (1943b) T. lassithicus Rech. f. T. sect. Scariosa (2 taxa) Richards (pel's. Lactuca alpestris val'. Crepis fraasii Schulte Bip. , OM. creticum o Vierh. Crocus cartwrightianus Herb. Dactylis hispanica Roth L. ) Rech. f. C. mungieri Boiss. & HeldI'. C. cretense Greuter Leopoldia spreitzenhoferi HeldI'. ( =M. amoenocomum Rech.

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