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whether or not they are assorted, from the long run, from a special kingdom or have distinct situations, the characters of Be detailed, Be your self for youths, little ones and adults, care for the issue of giving up their value to achieve love. they fight with physique photo, social attractiveness, kin relationships, university, variety and inclusion. at all times, it truly is their angle that determines their destiny.

"Bojé's Magic Powder" is the tale of Sam, who feels diverse and remoted as a result of her consuming behavior, whereas her classmates imagine she has a bonus.

"Beauty Queen" is the tale of Michelle, a stunning woman with a mystery, who needs to determine the priorities in her existence and locate her internal attractiveness.

"Be targeted, Be your self" is the tale of Adam, who migrates to a different kingdom and attempts to slot in, with out giving up his values.

"Curly Line with flora" is the tale of Jessie, a dyslexic woman, who writes a diary of her courageous fight for attractiveness.

"The construction of lifestyles" describes one category' try and create an ideal setup for a bunch of individuals residing in a development, whereas coming to grips with the various realities in their personal existence.

"The counsel Counselor" is the tale of Tommie, who's bodily abused and builds his internal energy to set himself loose.

"Love Me, Love Me no longer" is a "chain tale" concerning the hope that children and adults must be enjoyed and issues they're going to do to meet that wish.

"Biography" is the tale of Daniel, who reveals out, with the aid of a classmate, simply how a lot he's enjoyed via the folk round him.

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"On the 1st day that he did depart her unfastened in the home, with orders and offers to have made dinner by the point he bought domestic, Carolyn did what she felt she needed to do. She needed to make a few kind of attempt to flee. She couldn’t simply settle for what had occurred to her. All she sought after used to be to break out from him – she hadn’t idea a lot additional than that.

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Hi Jessie, my neim is jein hart, you can call me jein, come on in” I was sepraized. evry person I met ignored me and talked to my mom and she ignored my mom and sat on the carpet. “I’m gesing you didn’t want to come today” she sed and I felt exposed, I looked at mom. “don’t wory abaoot it. I’d be sepraized if you wanted to come. I have been working in this fild for 20 yirs and I don’t remember one person that wanted to come. I think you nided a lot of carege and you can start by ading this qwolity to your list of strengths.

Her mom had gone through a lot to bring her into the world and to raise her with a lot of love. “I know, I know,” she had said and hugged her mom. Her dad had left the country and she had never answered his letters. She was only 12 when she had had to choose. She kissed her mom back, patted her cheeks and went to wash the dishes. There was a broken plate on the floor. Her mom looked at the broken plate and started crying. Michelle touched her gently, “Don’t worry mom, it’s OK. ” She picked up the pieces and cut her hand.

She could still smell the chocolate ring from his mouth when he kissed her. She stroked her pocket. “I think if you eat ordered food from time to time, it won’t be so bad,” she remembered her mom saying. She took the chocolate bar from her pocket, opened the nice package and took a bite. The smell, she thought, would help her survive until Monday, when she’d see him again at school. 30 Ronit Baras Beauty Queen Beauty Queen Michelle closed her books when she heard the bell. Hugging her books, she walked slowly to the dance hall, feeling that everyone was looking at her.

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