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8. When only lines a and b are presented on the face of a cathode-ray tube, they can be seen in apparent motion. Adding lines successively in the space between does not yield a monotonically improving perception of motion. The figure illustrates the condition for &=4, 16 lines on the screen, exposed in sequence from a to b. motion was seen but its quality varied greatly. Vivid, compelling, and pleasing motions were most prevalent when speeds were in the region of l°-2° per second (cf. Mashhour, 1969); the motions were judged less vivid and compelling at faster speeds even though the value of k remained unchanged.

The conjecture is worth testing. I have unsuccessfully attempted to do so; the lack of success illustrates some of the difficulties involved in all measurements of motion perception. 36 ASPECTS OF MOTION PERCEPTION The image of an object in real motion stimulates contiguous regions of the retina, but the image of an object in illusory motion does not. A persistent question asks whether the intermittency of stimulation associated with spatial separation makes any difference to the formation of the perceptual experience.

In any case his apparatus varied only the time from onset of the first flash to onset of the second; stimulus duration was made a fixed fraction of that interval. However, if duration or interstimulus interval interacts selectively with shape, as the theory implies, then the range is useless as a measure, for it confounds the influence of the very variables whose action is the point of the study. Despite this confusion, Orlansky found that motions sometimes failed to occur when the shapes were made very different.

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