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By R. Chowdhuri, D. Mukherjee, M. Durga Prasad (auth.), D. Mukherjee (eds.)

This quantity positive factors invited lectures provided within the workshop-cum-symposium on facets of many-body results in molecules and prolonged platforms, Calcutta, February 1 - 10, 1988. The organizers invited prime specialists to offer fresh advancements of many-body equipment as utilized to molecules and condensed platforms. The landscape portrayed is kind of vast, yet in no way exhaustive. The emphasis is unquestionably on a "molecular element of view".

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A)R Offerman. W Ey and H KOmmel Nucl Phys A273 349 (1976) (b) R Offerman Nucl Phys A273 368 (1976) (c) W Ey Nucl Phys A296 189 (1978) 25. I Lindgren Int J Quantum Chem $12 33 (1978) 26. B Jeziorski and H J Monkhorst Phys Rev A24 1668 (1981) 27. W Kutzelnigg. (a) V Kvasnicka Chem Phys Lett 79 89 (1981) (b) S Pal. M D Prasad and D Mukherjee Theoret Chim Acta 66 311 (1984) 29. (a) D Hegarty M A Robb Mol Phys 37 1455(1979) (b) H Baker. M A Robb and Z Slattery Mol Phys 44 1035 (1981) (c) H Sun. M G Shepard.

1. e. 5a). e. oil is also an eigenfunction of L D . This third definition of diagonal in n-particle Hilbert space is illustrated on diagram (d) on fig. 1. 3). 5) we proceed as follows. Let us divide the one-particle Hilbert space, from which our Fock space is constructed, into two subsets of 'active' and 'inactive' spin orbitals respectively. •. for active and a, b, c.. for inactive spin-orbitals. g. a;,a~~ .. g. a az , a ab zy ' a zy .. g. o a~, a::, a;~ .. g. at;, a;b ,a~~, .. 4). 13) is satisfied, the lj;, and the 1/;0.

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