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When he died in 1921, his large funeral procession Propaganda by the Deed was the last prominent public Anarchists and other radicals responded to the development of large-scale industry and centralized governments in a variety of ways. In Italy, a prominent anarchist named Errico Malatesta had attempted a violent insurgency, but he failed to overthrow the government. In Russia, a group of reformist revolutionaries—not associated with anarchists— assassinated the Russian czar, Alexander II. display of anarchism’s flag in Russia.

Anarchist activity had decreased or been silenced in most parts of the world, but it thrived briefly in Ukraine under the leadership of peasant anarchist Nestor Makhno and for a longer period of time in Spain, where anarchist syndicates and communes held out against the government in the decades preceding the Spanish Civil War. Even in Spain, where anarchists experienced their greatest and lengthiest success, the movement ended in 1939 with the civil war victory of General Francisco Franco’s forces, aided by the fascist governments of Italy and Germany.

The Ferrer Center Ferrer’s ideas about education spread throughout the world. Free schools based on his model opened in countries such as the United States, Argentina, and China. Ferrer not only informed anarchist schools, but his methods are still cited by progressive educators today. THE HEYDAY PART TWO: ANARCHISM AND SOCIETY American anarchist Emma Goldman, who had immigrated to North America from Lithuania at the age of 16, helped to establish the Ferrer Association in the United States. Goldman, together with prominent anarchists, including Russian expatriate Alexander Berkman, were members of the first Modern School—founded by Alexis and Elizabeth Byrne Ferm, Leonard Abbot, Joseph Ishill, and Harry Kelly—in New York City in 1911.

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