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By Jon Speelman

Unique discoveries within the endgame unearthed by way of Britain's major specialist and global championship challenger.

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L2Jd7 S e4 l2Jgf6. That position is of course playable, but White is generally thought to stand better with his space advantage. c) 2 ... g6 runs into a similar problem: 3 d4! exd4?! (3 ... d6 4l2Jf3l2Jd7, but again, not everyone wants to playa set-up with so little space) 4 'ii'xd4 'ii'f6 (best, in view of 4 ... l2Jf6?? S iLgS and l2JdS, winning) S 'iWe3+! (D) (this may be the best of many moves that have been played here). B S... 'iWe6 (S .. :iVe7 6l2JdS transposes; after any other move, 6 l2JdS is too strong, the best try being S...

ES 17 g3 'iVh3 18 'iVdS+! ' 13••• ~h6 14 ~dl f4 14... ~e3+ IS ~h1 f4 16 tiJge2 ~f2! intending ... ~g3 is another approach. IS tiJge2 gS!? 16 tiJdS g4 17 g3 fxg3 18 hxg3 ~h319 f4 ~e6! xf4!! A famous move, which forces White into the open. xh2 The game comes to an abrupt end after 2S gxf4 ~xf4+ 26 tiJxf4 tiJxc2+. • ~f3++ 26 'it'd4 (D) B w 26••• ~g7 This slow move has its fascination, even though the less obvious continuation 26 ... cS+! 27 dxc6 bS! is faster, and more brilliant. The simple idea is to deny White's king c4 after ...

Naturally, the situation would be far from clear. a3! el d5! g7 8 e4 and, obscurely, by 1 d4 ltJf6 2 c4 d6 3 ltJc3 e5 4 e4 exd4 5 ~xd4, etc. d3ltJg4!? (D) W w Suddenly the game is out of White's control. l:tac8 21 f4? ltJxe4! 22 l:txe4 dxe4 23 fxe5 e3! xe5 Black already has a rook and two pawns for two pieces, and White can hardly defend against the elementary threats. l:tel b5! 27 b4!? ~xb4 The 'long' queen move 27 ... 'iYa8+! wins more easily. d2! xd2 'iYf2+ 34 ~h1 'iYxd2! 35 'iYxd2 exd2 36 ltJe2l:te8!

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