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By Irving Chernev

A call for participation to Chess could be the main profitable chess ebook ever written, with revenues of over 100,000. it's a easy newcomers publication, beginning with the strikes of the items and swiftly advancing to extra complicated difficulties and examples.

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Vhite thus threatens to win a Pawn. rd square on the King-Bishop's file and is \vritten: 5 Kt-KB3 0 • I The names of the files are permanent. i no 1natter where the Bishops n1ay move later in the game. Black' s Fiftl1 Move Black n1oves his Bishop and "pins" the \\Thite Knight. If the Knight were to n1ove, the Bishop could capture \Vhite:rs all­ powerful Queen. BLACK THUS defends his threatened King's Pa\vn indirectly by making it unprofitable for vVhite to capture with his Knight. Black would gladly give up his Pawn and Bishop to gain the White Queen.

1&� ·� • -·- � • m � . r1 � . � a. ll - - . • •��. I-­�. � . §. -·- �- � 3A 3B The King Is in Check of check by moving away (as in 1B) or the Black Rook can be interposed to break up tli e attack . :r Ixi rrier be­ hveen hiinsclf and tlic \"V-hitc Rook. \l"fLY happens that the player whose King is in check can choose ben:veen the three methods described above. Two or three of these �Nays of getting out of check may be available. In such cases , the player may select \Vhichcver 1nethod he prefers.

The 1nove is written: 10 . K-K2 1-lere is the complete score of the ga1ne up to this point: . \�lhite 1 P-K4 2 P-Q4 8 P-Q5 4 P-KB4 5 Kt-KB3 6 Kt-B3 7 P-KR3 8 B-Kt5ch 9 QPxP 10 PxPch Black Kt-QB8 P-K4 QKt-K2 P-Q3 B-Kt5 Kt-Kt3 BxKt P-83 BxQ K-K2 Now White has a strong 1nove. Can you foresee it? 57 \\lbite's Eleventh Move \¥hite 1noves his Knight, checking the King. \VmTE 1s closing in for the kill. 1-Iis Knight leaps to the attack and forces the enemy King to come forward and meet his doom. Having ��sacrificed" his Queen, the most valuable of all his pieces, White must make forceful inoves and give his opponent's King no opportunity to escape.

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