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There are proper nouns (such as Anna, London or The Metropolitan Opera House), each of which denotes one particular person or object and common nouns (teacher or stone), which may denote any member of a class. , a tree, five trees. Nouns like tree are called countable (or count) nouns. , information, furniture. These cannot be preceded by a(n) and do not have plural forms, so *informations and *an information are ungrammatical. 4. 1. An example What we have seen so far indicates that words are organized into larger units in accordance with certain rules.

This, however, is not true for the most part of the United States. If you ask an American speaker to read out the same three sentences above, you will hear /r/ three times. In the dialect called General American every letter “r” is pronounced. So what about brotha and sista? After all, hip-hop music comes from the US. If you want to find out the answer, you will have to read the chapter on sociolinguistics where you can also find more information on language varieties. 5. Front and back vowels What is in in Hungarian?

Nádasdy, Á. (1998): Background to English pronunciation: (phonetics, phonology, spelling): for students of English at Hungarian Teacher Training Colleges. A somewhat more demanding task is to cope with this book. Nádasdy, Á. (2003): Practice book in English phonetics and phonology. Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó This is actually course material used by English majors at a number of universities in Hungary. 34 R emember little Isaac and the apple-tree in Chapter One? ) Well, from the perspective of this chapter – and history – that particular apple fell down a long, long time ago.

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