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The first step in complicated math is now the best.

Alpha train your self Algebra I in 24 Hours presents readers with a dependent, self-paced, straight-forward instructional to algebra. it is the excellent textbook better half for college kids suffering from algebra, a pretty good primer for these seeking to get a head commence on an upcoming classification, and a welcome refresher for fogeys tasked with aiding out with homework, all in 24 one-hour classes.

• Algebra is the second-most renowned mathematic path for school- sure highschool scholars

• approximately all college-bound highschool scholars now take algebra

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These four operations with real numbers form an important foundation that allows you to set up and solve equations and advance to higher algebra skills. Adding Real Numbers Adding two whole numbers is probably one of the first math prob­ lems you learned to solve, right after you learned to count from 1 to 20. Because algebraic expressions include all the real numbers, not just whole numbers, you also need to be able to add real numbers. Even though your understanding of numbers has grown quite a bit in the past two hours of study, the basics remain the same.

7. Review 32 (–2) – 9 + (–3 + 6) – 8 = 0 –11 –16 +16 a. b. c. d. 8. 5 · –3 = 2 –2 +15 –15 a. b. c. d. 9. (–4) · (–2) · 3 · (–1) = +24 –24 +12 –12 a. b. c. d. 10. (–18) ÷ 6 · (–4) ÷ 3 = 8 –4 +4 –8 a. b. c. d. C HAP TE R S UMMAR Y In this hour you will learn about … s )DENTIFYING THE PROPERTIES OF REAL NUM­ bers s 5SING THE MULTIPLICATION RULE WITH REAL numbers s 5SING THE PROPERTIES OF REAL NUMBERS s 5SING THE DIVISION RULE WITH REAL numbers Now that you know the basic operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers, in this hour you learn the algebraic properties or rules that go beyond the four opera­ tions.

1 6. – 3x  3 1 7. 12y –  12 1 8. 14x –  7 1 9. 24ab –  8 40 Hour 4 10. 11. 12. 1  16a 24  4  10xy ¥§¦ 51´ ¶µ  1  16cd  8 Using the Division Rule with Real Numbers In Hour 3, you saw the close link between addition and subtraction. There is also a very strong connection between multiplication and divi­ sion, and it makes the jobs of dividing algebraic expressions and reducing fractions easier. Consider this simple division problem: 12 ÷ 4 = 3 And this multiplication problem: 1 1 12 –  3– 4 –  3–1  3 4 4 These two problems show the close link between division and multiplica­ tion.

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