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By Hans Mueller, Adolf Pawelczak

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We still have {WDWDbDWD} the dual after Bd7; but, noting that a R {0W0WDWDW} would suffice instead of the Q, we see {RDPiWGWD} that we can now do away with Black’s {InDB4QDW} Be8 and, by placing White’s Bf6 at e7 {W0WDWDWD} and a Black P at e7 (removing the Black {0NgWHWDW} R from g5 to h7 and introducing a Black {WDWDWDWD} Q at h5) force the Key-moving B to go {DWDWDWDW} on to f7—to prevent the interposition vllllllllV of the Black R when Bg8 follows e6. It is necessary to move the White R to g5, and a Black P is required at his g6.

If Black makes no effective defence S×f6 mates. But let both solvers and composers weigh each defence. Take only Kd5. 44 chess problems made easy 24. C. WHWDw} {wDwDpDWD} {DWHWdbIw} vllllllllV Mate in three 25. G. Heathcote cuuuuuuuuC {W$wIWDWD} {DWHWDWdW} {W0pDQdWG} {dw)W0pdp} {WdwiwDw4} {DWDBDWDw} {whwDwhWD} {DWHWgwDw} vllllllllV Mate in three White responds with the quiet move Be5 ! If f×e5, Q×e5 ‡; if Kc5, Qa5 ‡ ! We leave students to work out the remainder. No. 25 is from the prolific board of G.

WD} The Key is to be Rc5, while the threat, {DPDWDWDW} on a free piece (to be decided later) {WDWDPDWD} being introduced, is R×R†, K×R, fol{DnDWIWDW} lowed by Qd6‡. If after the Key move is vllllllllV made Black S moves to c3 the threat is thwarted, but B×S†, K×R, followed by Qc7‡. If R×R we purpose playing Qe3† so that on Black replying K×Q B×R‡. We find that to effect this we must add a White P at g3. We note, too, that the Black K may move to either d5 or e5. Let us try Ps at f5 and g5 then Q×R mates after the moves referred to.

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