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The Advances in Chemical Physics sequence provides the innovative in each region of the self-discipline and offers the sector with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances. It presents a piece of writing framework that makes the publication a great complement to complicated graduate sessions, with contributions from specialists all over the world and a convenient thesaurus for simple reference on new terminology. This sequence is a superb consultant for college students and execs in chemical physics and actual chemistry, from academia, govt, and industries together with chemical substances, prescribed drugs, and polymers.

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For a review on early work on local optimization, see Ref. 41. In this chapter we review our recent applications of a local control scheme to various problems in chemical physics. The approach we follow is called Local Control Theory (LCT). The idea first appeared in the formulation of Optimal Control Theory introduced by Kosloff, Rice, and Tannor [42] and has been local control theory 31 extensively developed since then [41,43–51]. The local control concept was used to model laser cooling or heating of molecular vibrational motion on the electronic ground state, in which an excited state is used by changing the phase of the radiation field [44, 50] (throughout this review, heating and cooling are not used in the thermodynamic sense, but in the sense of adding or taking away internal energy from the molecule).

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