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I. H. Evans, and D. Wilkie (1979). Toxic and mutagenic effects of carcinogens on the mitochondria of Saccka/iomycZA (LVKL\)U>L

The low YVI values indicate that the yeast solids settled rapidly and compacted well. These data thus confirm the earlier report by Hang (1980). Biochemical changes in orange juice-processing wastewater during the fill and react periods are depicted in Figures 2, 3, and 4. The yeast settling velocity was found to be independent of the mode of operation in sequencing batch reactors. The yeast solids settled at an equal rate regardless of the fill:react ratio. In contrast, the sludge settling velocity has been reported to be positively related to the mode of operation in sequencing batch reactors (Dennis and Irvine, 1979).

10. PHYSIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF HIGHER ALCOHOL FORMATION IN THE SCOTCH WHISKY FERMENTATION C. R. Berry Dept. of Applied Microbiology, University of Strathclyde 204 George Street, Glasgow, Gl 1XW Scotland ABSTRACT The higher alcohols are the quantitatively largest group of volatiles in distilled beverages including Scotch malt whisky. These compounds are formed by the yeast during fermentation. Laboratory scale fermentations of wort prepared from distillers malt have been used to investigate the effect of yeast strain and various fermentation conditions on the formation of these volatiles.

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