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In a tough struggle I secured first prize, a German chess clock (which served me well for about twenty years, until my daughter's nanny Matryoua Semyonovna quietly started using it every day and it finally gave out). This was my first success against masters. Forty years later I gave up playing in competitive chess. I kept up at the Institute. We had been warned that there would be no examination, but each student would get an individual project to 26 Achieving the Aim work up. There was no textbook.

Died 1937 in suspicious circumstances. Tr. 4* 44 Achieving the Aim This became known and some people tried to persuade Krylenko to oppose this so as not to spoil Botvinnik: just imagine, both a prize and a car ! Krylenko hesitated, but still phoned Ordzhonikidze and explained that there was money (the prize) for a car in the chess section. Would Comrade Sergo give permission for purchase of a car? Ordzhonikidze immediately sized up the situation. "Comrade Kry­ · lenko, I have both the money and a car.

We went back to Selfridges where we had to tear our sympathetic assistant from her cup of tea-nobody else knew where the costume was. For a few minutes mutual expressions of thanks rang out in the air, everybody smiled and for five pounds my wife became the owner of an elegant beige costume. It never wore out, and twenty years later our daughter was still wearing it when she went on holiday walking tours. We boarded an express train which was to make just one stop en route, at Kettering. It rocked about with frightening force as it went along the track right next to houses and trees with no safety zone in between; through the windows everything flashed by.

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