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By Demetrios E. Tonias

All through its first 3 centuries of lifestyles, the Christian group, whereas new to the Roman world's pluralistic non secular scene, portrayed itself as an ancient faith. The early church group claimed the Jewish Bible as their very own and seemed to it to protect their claims to historicity. whereas Jews seemed to Moses and the Sinai covenant because the concentration in their historic courting with God, the early church fathers and apologists pointed out themselves as inheritors of the promise given to Abraham and observed their project to the Gentiles because the achievement of God's statement that Abraham will be "a father of many countries" (Gen 17:5).

It is in gentle of this history that Demetrios Tonias undertakes the 1st, accomplished exam of John Chrysostom's view of the patriarch Abraham.

By reading the complete variety of references to Abraham in Chrysostom's paintings, Tonias unearths the ways that Chrysostom used Abraham as a version of philosophical and Christian advantage, familial devotion, philanthropy, and obedient religion.

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3 (1924): 263. ”27 Chrysostom’s commentary on this verse is telling, for he uses it as an opportunity to attack what he saw as the baser motives of the sophists, who “indeed have ten thousand things to say, and concerning ten thousand things they speak, winding out long courses of words, framing arguments and syllogisms, compounding sophisms without end. ”28 Sophist rhetorical techniques were a toolbox that Chrysostom used to achieve the goal of Christian formation. The eloquence of the sophist was a means that he embraced in service of a goal that was absolutely distinct from that of the sophist.

9. Hagit Amirav, Rhetoric and Tradition: John Chrysostom on Noah and the Flood, Traditio Exegetica Graeca (Leuven: Peeters, 2003), 166. 10. ” Chrysostom, however, far from making a deep allegorical association, is simply anticipating the words of Paul while at the same time providing the basis of a lesson on wealth for his congregation. 8. John Chrysostom, Baptismal Instructions, ed. Johannes Quasten and Walter Burghardt, trans. Paul W. Harkins, vol. 31, Ancient Christian Writers (Westminster, MD: Newman, 1963), 123.

22 | Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom in general and the use of ekphrastic rhetoric in particular. Such language was especially useful in the encomiastic literary style that Chrysostom embraced in presenting scriptural figures to his congregation. Harry Hubbell succinctly describes the application of encomiastic language in the rhetorical tradition Chrysostom inherited from Libanius. “The virtues of the body are health, strength, and beauty. ”37 Consider, for example, Chrysostom’s vivid association of hard labor with Abraham to his congregation in one of his homilies on Acts: “But think now what a thing it would be to see a presbyter, the moving picture of Abraham, gray-headed, girded up, digging and working with his own hands?

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