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The Croatian verbs tući se (= to hit oneself or to hit each other), gledati se (= to look at oneself or to look at each other). -dress It is typologically somewhat unusual that, in the case of transitive verbs, the reflexive affix precedes the personal affix for the constituent which has to be coreferent with it. -throw-inf. The reflexive prefix is often combined with the suffix -ž(a)-, meaning "back". -af. -af. As can be seen from the examples, the reflexive construction of the verb does not change the valency of the verb (this can be seen by looking at the order of personal prefixes and the case assignment in the sentences above).

And the old Adyghean people will become strong again". e. -af. The prefix -xwə- is placed immediately after the personal prefix for the agent, the potential doer of the action. It seems to be added only to transitive verbs, and in origin it is probably identical to the "version" marker (benefactive) -xwə- (Hewitt 2004: 135; see above). The suffix -f- is added both to transitive and intransitive verbs. It is not entirely clear whether these are variants of the same morpheme (-f-/-xw-) which can be both a suffix and a prefix, or whether they are two different morphemes.

From a horn filled with sana, as a favour to the thirsty little men on earth. ) highly the man who drank with the gods. ) in that way. " In this paragraph we can see how a sequence of events repeated in the past and expressed by the imperfect was interrupted by the event referred to by the commencing story, which is expressed by the preterite. In vivid narration the present tense can also be used to express a past action: Bālyəġ ma-χw swan-am yə məłxwəq'wa-r. poss. pret. daughter bālyəġ-yə, z-aw-gwāk'wa.

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