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By Jens Herzer

A little-known textual content of Hellenistic Judaism, four Baruch (or Paraleipomena Jeremiou) displays the placement in Palestine at the eve of the Bar-Kokhba struggle by way of retelling the tale of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish humans. missed for a lot too lengthy, four Baruch is now made available to students and scholars alike via a serious version of the Greek textual content, a brand new English translation, and a considerable statement in this early Jewish writing of the start of the second one century C.E. The statement elaborates its ancient and literary surroundings and offers a theological interpretation of its non secular principles. at the foundation of his shut and cautious analyzing of the textual content, Jens Herzer argues for the fundamental integrity of four Baruch as a real Jewish paintings that was once preserved after the warfare by means of a Christian crew that still additional a Christian finishing.

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N w`raio,thta, sou\ fu,laxon ta. skeu,h th/j leitourgi,aj e[wj th/j suneleu,sewj tou/ hvgaphme,nou) 9 Kai. j euvergesi,aj evpoi,hse tw/| law/| kai. j avne,spase,n me evk tou/ la,kkou tou/ borbo,rou\ kai. n th/j po,lewj kai. n evrh,mwsin\ avll’’ i[na mh. luphqh/|) 10 Kai. n avmpelw/na tou/ VAgri,ppa dia. tou/ o;rouj\ kai. evgw. n po,lin) 11 Ei=pe de. Ku,rioj tw/| VIeremi,a|\ :Apelqe meta. tou/ laou/ sou eivj Babulw/na( kai. n po,lin) 12 Kata,leiyon de. n o` Ku,rioj( avne,bh avpo. n ouvrano,n) 14 VIeremi,aj de.

Harris, Rest of the Words of Baruch, 29–35; Riaud, Paralipomènes du Prophète Jérémie, 5–15. xlii 4 BARUCH 2. ”129 Kraft and Purintun divide this group further into P O and W S. 3. The third group of manuscripts is represented by C and the Ethiopic versions as well as probably by L I M. 4. A fourth group of manuscripts of the short form of the text is represented by e g a v and probably j l m p. 5. A fifth group of manuscripts is represented by d h and probably o. , epi ton: A proj ton) separates variants of the same word or phrase.

Ku,rie, mou\ avllV eiv qe,lhma, sou, evstin( evk tw/n ceirw/n sou avfanisqh,tw) 7 Kai. ei=pe Ku,rioj tw/| VIeremi,a|\ VEpeidh. su. evklekto,j mou ei=( avna,sta kai. e;xelqe evk th/j po,lewj tau,thj( su. kai. Barou,c\ evpeidh. n dia. to. n( eiv mh. evgw. j pu,laj auvth/j) 9 VAna,sthqi ou=n( kai. c( kai. Title A B C; eth Rest of the words of Baruch, not the apocryphal, concerning the time when they were in the Babylonian captivity (cf. Gebhardt]); d e Menaea (Harris) thn dunamin twn Caldaiwn kuklwsai authn; C add anastantej exelqate || 4 apekriqh A B; C elalhsen | apekriqh – legwn: R apokriqeij o Ieremiaj elalhsen proj kurion legwn | parakalw: R parakalo | epitreyon moi A B; C keleuson me | tw doulw sou A B P eth arm; C om | enwpion sou A B; C logon enantion sou | de: C R eth (Harris Kraft) add autw | lalei: R lalhson || 5 elalhsen A B; C eipen | Ieremiaj: A B o Ieremiaj | legwn A B; C om | paradidwj A; B paradidhj; C paradidoij; R mh paradwseij | polin: R (eth) add sou tauthn | ina: R add mh | meta – autou A B eth; R om tou laou; P his multitude; arm multitude of his troops; C om; || 6 mou: R add kurie | sou1: B R son | sou2: C om | estin: R add toutou || 7 kurioj C; A B o kurioj | tw Ieremia A B; C R proj Ieremian | su1: R om | anasta A B; C anasthqi | ek thj polewj tauthj: eth om | apolw B C R; A om | katoikountwn A B; C enoikountwn | auth: A add apollw || 8 eij authn A B; C proj authn; R en auth | anoixw taj pulaj authj A B; C anoixw autoij taj pulaj; R anuxw authj taj pulaj || TEXT AND TRANSLATION 3 THE MATTERS OMITTED FROM JEREMIAH THE PROPHET 1:1 It came to pass, when the children of Israel were taken captive by the king of the Chaldeans, (that) God spoke to Jeremiah, “Jeremiah, my chosen one, get up (and) depart from this city, you and Baruch, since I am going to destroy it because of the multitude of the sins of those who dwell in it.

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