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By Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

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49 3 Using the Purchasing ChessboardTM 50 Especially at first, the project used the methods of price benchmarking, unbundling of prices, and cost regression analysis. ). This created price transparency which led to a first wave of savings with existing suppliers. In a second wave, suppliers from markets with low factor costs, especially Asia, were introduced. This enabled further substantial savings to be made. ƒ Cabs: Driver’s and operator’s cabins are mainly found in construction machines although, broadly speaking, the cabins of farm machinery and local utility machines are also similar.

One eye-opener was that the construction machinery manufacturer bought just as much steel as BMW! However, the steel was normally purchased in small quantities by individual sites through so-called service centers. A new approach used in this context was board room-to-board room discussions with the big steel producers, whereby risk management proved an effective way to improve planning certainty with regard to steel prices. ƒ Axles: Demand power was moderate, since construction equipment manufacturers bought far fewer axles than, say, commercial vehicle/truck manufacturers.

This weighting is also derived from the nature of the line of business. In the case of the automotive supplier, steel accounts for over 70 percent of the company’s spend. Steel is therefore the dominant category in the company. Similarly, raw materials are a dominant category for the maker of refractories. For the fiber producer, pulp is in fact the biggest sourcing category, but in contrast to the prior examples it is not dominant. In the case of the construction equipment manufacturer, the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) company and the gearbox maker, each has a number of large categories alongside several smaller groups, producing an altogether balanced picture.

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