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By William Johnstone

This two-part remark argues that Chronicles, put because it is likely one of the 'historical books' within the conventional outdated testomony of the Christian church, is way misunderstood. Restored to its right place because the ultimate ebook within the canon as prepared within the order of the Hebrew Bible, it is very to be understood as a piece of theology basically directed in the direction of the longer term. The Chronicler starts his paintings with the matter dealing with the full human race in Adam-the forfeiture of the correct of ideal oneness with God's goal. He explores the opportunity of the recovery of that perfect via Israel's position on the centre of the area of the countries. This portrayal reaches its climax in an idealized presentation of the reign of Solomon, during which the entire rulers of the earth, together with such a lot famously the Queen of Sheba, convey their tribute in acknowledgment of Israel's prestige (Volume 1). As next historical past purely too sincerely indicates, besides the fact that, the Chronicler argues (Volume 2), that Israel itself, via unfaithfulness to Torah, has forfeited its correct to ownership of its land and is forged adrift between those comparable countries of the area. however the Chronicler's message is certainly one of desire. via a thorough transformation of the chronology of Israel's earlier into theological phrases, the new release whom the Chronicler addresses turns into the 50th considering the fact that Adam. it's the iteration to whom the jubilee of go back to the land via a wonderfully enabled obedience to Torah, and therefore the recovery of the primal perfect of the human race, is announced.

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He addresses Jeroboam and 'all Israel'. Presumably by that 'all', he is including not only the followers of the upstart monarch of the north (contrast v. la 53 men as well. The significance of 'all Israel' is made clear by the emphasis on Israel twice in v. 5: the LORD is identified as the 'God of Israel' and David is the one who has been given 'kingship over Israel for ever'. The combined armies of Israel are the hosts of the LORD to carry out his purpose on earth; here, in bitter irony, they are drawn up against one another in potentially self-destructive conflict.

16; cf. 21, 25): the fifteen fortresses have gone; only Jerusalem, the central focus of God's rule on earth through the house of David, is spared being ravaged—and even that by no means escapes unscathed, as the next section makes clear. Once the relationship with God has been broken, the damage endures. There is no cheap grace. The way to restoration is costly—as C is now setting out in his work to portray. The immediate effect is, therefore, that Israel 'will become slaves' to the Pharaoh (v.

Deut. 21; 2 Chron. 21). The break away of the north is absolute and is given a veneer of legal respectability. The Hadoram of the text appears in Kings as Adoram (as in 2 Sam. 14. If these are all the same individual, then, having been in office already under David, he must have been well advanced in years—Jeroboam's erstwhile senior colleague among the forced labour supervisers, in fact. The venerability of this, the senior superviser, and his possible authority over Jeroboam, availed Rehoboam nothing.

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