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By Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien, feared murderer, has come for retribution. despatched via the Assassin’s Guild to a distant island in a tropical sea, Celaena is meant to be to amassing on a debt they're owed by way of the Lord of the Pirates. but if she learns that the agreed money isn't really in cash, yet in slaves, her challenge abruptly changes–and she is going to danger every thing to correct the inaccurate she’s been despatched to result in.

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Three assassins had been found murdered by pirate hands, and Arobynn had sent her to be his personal dagger—to extract retribution, preferably the gold kind, for what their deaths would cost the Assassins’ Guild. ” Sam, who didn’t wear a mask over his handsome features, crossed his arms and scowled. “You’ll do no such thing. ” His brown eyes narrowed at her. Neither of them had been particularly happy when Arobynn announced that Sam would be sent to the Dead Islands with Celaena. Especially when Ben’s body—which Celaena had retrieved—had barely been in the ground for two months.

Whatever had happened, they knew. Why hadn’t Arobynn told her first? Arobynn’s silver eyes became steel. ” Celaena gripped the arms of her chair. ” she demanded. Ben—Ben, the ever-smiling assassin who had trained her as often as Arobynn. Ben, who had once mended her shattered right hand. Ben, the seventh and final member of Arobynn’s inner circle. He was barely thirty years old. Celaena’s lips pulled back from her teeth. ” Arobynn eyed her, and a glimmer of grief flashed across his face. Five years Ben’s senior, Arobynn had grown up with Ben.

Though, now that she thought about it, she’d love to see the look on Rolfe’s face if he found out the truth. Most already knew that she was a young woman, but if he knew he was dealing with a sixteen-year-old, his pride might never recover. They’d only be here for three nights; they could both go without a little sleep if it meant keeping her identity—and their lives—safe. ” Sam asked into the dark. ” She blinked, then laughed under her breath. At least Sam took her threats somewhat seriously. She wished she could say the same for Rolfe.

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